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From string consulting to re-stringing, we will propose the best strings & stringing upon your play style and request.
"Best price",
"Best quality"
We always strive above [3B] for strings & stringing.

We have improved the tennis team competition called SAKURA CUP, which has been running for 6 years since 2014, and launched a new Maple & Kizuna Cup.
We are always aiming for a unique tournament that is both competitive and entertaining.


Introducing our tennis & camping life in British Columbia, Canada.

Please ask us anything about tennis & camping in BC, Canada!

Tournament & court information in Vancouver.
Also introducing our recommended strings.


Introducing campgrounds in British Columbia, Canada.
Don't miss the Canadian brand camping goods.

Canadian products are amazing.
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Did you know?
British Columbia, Canada is a tennis and camping paradise.

About  Canawest Creation Co.

When I thought about connecting people through tennis in Vancouver, Canada, which is my goal in life, I felt the limit of my personal strength and launched Canawest Creation Co. in 2014.

① Meet a lot of people and connect the circles.

② Spreading irreplaceable encounters from Vancouver.

③ Tennis has a power to make a dream come true.

As an event creator/organizer, Canawest Creation Co. will create irreplaceable encounters.

Kelly Kai

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About Canawest Creation Co.
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